Make-up Tips from the experts

We all have our opinions on the best make-up practices but sometimes it pays to hear from the experts. I have found an excellent article from Wild Orchid Beauty with 30 make-up tips from famous beauty bloggers and social media stars. I have posted some of the article below with 5 tips for the perfect nails. Enjoy…


When using a hand cream, don’t forget to rub it into your nails and cuticles too. Many people often just concentrate on the back of their hands and forget their fingers, nails and cuticles, which also need moisture too.
Sarah & Rebecca, BellaJ


If your nails chip time and time again then invest in a base coat and top coat from Faby – your colour will last twice as long before chipping.
Tammerly Robinson, Spoilt


Nail TipsWhen you’re painting your nails, be sure to set the hand you’re working on upon a hard surface rather than holding it up toward your face. It makes painting so much easier when your fingers are flat and steady!
Jamie Sanders, The Beauty of Life Blog


The only way to have healthy nails is to start from the inside out. It doesn’t matter how many nourishing nail creams and gels you apply to the actual nail, unless you’ve got the nutritional foundation in check, it can be wasted effort. As we age, our silica levels deplete. This not only negatively affects our skin and hair, but also our nails. Eating silica-rich foods such as leeks, green beans, strawberries, cucumber, mango, celery, asparagus, oats and rhubarb is a good idea. My daily ritual is a silica-rich smoothie, to which I add 10 to 20ml Qsilica Colloidal Silica Gel—an all-natural supplement that has helped me foster strong, chip-free nails (as well as better skin, healthier hair and even strong teeth and bones). I also rarely wear nail colour, as I’m a believer in letting our nails ‘breathe’. However, there are some fabulous eco nail polish brands out there that I would wear if the occasion called for it!
Shannon Dunn, Eco Beauty Editor


Nobody likes waiting around for their nails to dry, so here’s a little shortcut. After you’re done painting, wait three minutes. Then, submerge your fingertips in cold water for at least 30 seconds. Lift your hands from the wrist out, so the water drips down off your nails. The cold helps the polish set, speeding up the drying time. 
Katrina Persad, Beauty Editor


If you want to find out 25 more amaxing tips you can read the rest of the article here. Let me know what you think below I am always looking for the best beauty ideas for you guys (well really its for me).

Top 5 Trending Hair Styles For Summer

With winter here and spring a distant dream, many people across the US are buckling down for another snowy season.  With so much gloom to come, why not spend a moment looking ahead?  Let’s take a look at the top 5 hairstyles that are trending for the summer.

Consider Braids

Braids are versatile, work with most hair lengths, and can be done in countless styles.  Because of this, they are frequently popular during the summer when the heat and humidity make wearing hair down a pain.  Consider this for your upcoming summer look.

Consider Wispy Bangs

Regardless of your hair length, you may want to consider the wispy bangs look.  Considered this summer’s ‘refresh button’ when it comes to hair styles, the wispy bangs are incredibly popular and work with most people.  In addition, their light look makes them perfect for the hotter months.


Consider The Short Shag

For situations when the bob just won’t do, the short shag is a great low maintenance look currently rocked by celebrities.  A fantastic cut for summer, it is easy to wear down and easier still to put up if it gets too hot.  What makes the short shag work is the movement associated with the style.  While shorter styles are more likely not to move, the short shag has just enough movement to make it exciting.  Typically, the short shag includes wavy hair of any color.

 Consider The Happy Medium

Long layers are fantastic looking.  However, they require a lot of care and attention.  Sometimes, the long layers are just not worth it.  This is where the happy medium comes in.  The happy medium is longer than the formerly popular lob, while being short enough to handle easily. Kept neat and typically wavy, the happy medium is a nice and relaxed look for the summer.  While others struggle with their hair over the summer, you can relax with a fashionable and practical look.

Consider Longer Layers

If you want to command the attention of others, then you will want the long layered look.  While not for everyone, it is a great way to get people’s attention in the summer and works perfectly with a summer dress.   While not nearly as simple as the happy medium, wavy long layers create a sense of flow and an attractiveness that is hard to find in other hair styles.

How To Get The Perfect Eyebrows

Getting the perfect eyebrows can be a real challenge.  As what defines ‘perfect’ when it comes to eyebrows continue to change, it can be hard to stay in fashion.  Let’s take a step back from the thin to think eyebrow craze that is currently going on right now and focus on the basics.  Let’s help you get the perfect eyebrows using what you got and we will leave the tweezing to others.  Let’s begin!

 Measure The Size Of Your Eyebrow

Getting the perfect eyebrows means having to know what to look for when it comes to your own face.  In the end, proportionality to your face is key.  Eyebrows on one person will not work on you and vise versa.  Instead, focus on what you have.  Begin by taking measurements of the interior part of your eyebrows (nearest to your nose ridge.)  The eyebrow should align with the tear duct in the eye.  If it does not because it is too short, then you may want to consider brushing.  If it goes beyond the tear duct, then you may want to either makeup and consider tweezing as a last resort.  The far ends of the eyebrow typically extend to an 11 o-clock position at the ends of the eyelash (extending away from the eye.)


 Consider Brushing The Eyebrows Up

The next thing you will do is to take an eyebrow comb and brush them up.  This will expose what parts of your eyebrow are thick and what parts may need to be filled in.  It is important to remember that creating the perfect eyebrows means creating uniformity.  Note these places as they will become important in just a moment.

Follow That Up With Some Shade

There is a range of brow shades that you can use to help fill in the gaps and produce a uniform look.  It makes the eyebrow look denser and is great for the center of the brow.  Take some time and be sure to add only enough to improve the appearance.

 Consider Brow Gel

While shade creates an equal look, brow gel is perfect for improving the texture of the eyebrows.  Apply a small amount as well.  With a bit more brushing, you can equalize the thickness.  We enough practice, the end result will be spectacular.  Take some time each day to practice and you will quickly build you skill set.

How To Get A Sunkissed Look All Over Using Bronzer

Fall and winter has a lot to look forward to.  The holiday season, seeing family and friends, and the possibility of snow related activities are just a few things that people love about the season.  However with winter comes far less sun and tanning can be a challenge.  If you absolutely love the tanned look but live in a part of the country where sun coverage is a minimal and temperatures are terribly low in the winter, then there are always alternatives.  One of the easiest and most convenient ways to create a realistic look includes bronzer.  With that in mind, let’s take a moment to review how you can create that sunkissed look using bronzer.

 How You Can Apply Bronzer To Create That Sunkissed Look

September usually brings with it the realization that your tan will not last all year round.  However, if you take steps early on, you can help to lock in the tan shade and continue to reproduce it throughout the year.  When it comes to bronzer, you will want to create a nice glow.  This can be achieved by reaching for equal coverage along the parts of the face that pop.  Focus on your hairline, your chin, between the eyebrows, and of course on the apples of your cheeks.  While it may take a little bit of practice, the end result can be stunning.  As September shifts to October and November, you will impress your friends by continuing that healthy glow well into the new year.


 Following Up

While many stop at the sunkissed look, others combine it with more makeup to create interesting looks.  If there is a particular style of makeup that you like, then consider playing around with it to see what works and what does not with your bronzer sunkissed look.

 Where Does That Leave Us?

Just because the sun is hiding away over winter doesn’t mean you can’t create that sunkissed look.  With the right bronzer for your skin tone, you can create that perfect look every day you want.  As with most makeup, you will want to play around with it to find a look that best reflects the level of tan you want.  Again, it is best to try this as you are losing your tan.  It will give you sense for what the end result looks like and you can work to recreate it before learning to create it from scratch.